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On Mar 22, 2012 4:32 PM, "Alex Waterman" <imnotlistening at> wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> After looking at Empathy and the empathy-gtk library, it would seem that
its a dead project as far as an installable type thing. I
asked the telepathy mailing list about this and they said that it is now
just statically compiled into Empathy. They recommended proceeding with
telepathy and/or folks.
> With that said, it may be worth making a new version of empathy with a
sugar UI or something. Maybe the code in libemapthy-gtk will work in  such
a way. Definitely worth pursuing, though.

It may well be a dead end, it might be a good start and they may accept
patches to split out the lib or maybe we could somehow add a sugar ux which
could be a subpackage. Ultimately it might be a dead end, a place to start
or useful, I suggested it as it does all we'd like and would allow seamless
movement between Sugar and GNOME so might have made dev and ongoing
maintenance easier


> Best Regards,
> Alex
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