New boot animation for 12.1.0

Hal Murray hmurray at
Mon Mar 19 22:24:11 EDT 2012

> If the indication can track fraction_completed - so much the better -  but I
> do not expect the user to leave the room if the boot process takes  longer
> than he expects.  Seeing "only 25% to go" is <frosting>;  the
> <chocolate_cake> is knowing "no problems thus far". 

Watching the number of files in /var/run/*pid and/or similar places might 
give a good indication of how much progress has been made.  (as compared to 
just "we can update the display so we aren't locked up yet")

I don't know how to cleanly translate that into a percent.  The total might 
depend on what is installed and/or what extra I/O gear is plugged in this 

It might be reasonable to collect a list of normal files for this 
distribution (say in a file) and only count them.  That would let you convert 
to %, but initialization might finish early if a package is not installed or 
broken such that it crashes.

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