11.3.1 development build 30 for XO-1.75

Martin Langhoff martin at laptop.org
Tue Mar 13 14:53:07 EDT 2012

This build brings in OFW improvements, audio fixes, s/r hang fixes,
powerd, keybdshim and touchpad fixes.

Updatable via olpc-update -- try the cmdline below.


 - Record Activity will sometimes hang - #11657

 - The getty on the serial port is _disabled_ by default now (that's
the workaround). It gets enabled when you hold the "check" game key
during boot (for verbose boot).

Upgrade online with:

  olpc-update 11.3.1_xo1.75-30

Download from:


Fixes (please help us confirm):

#11658 OS28: Crashes in S/R on a busy network - related to WOL
#11545 Scratch activity cannot record audio reliably
#11685 Scratch can not record audio normal
#11656 Cannot use text-to-speech feature in Read 92.1 on XO-1.75
#11663 Read: menu next/previous page does not work in PDF
#11687 Add Q4D05 to 11.3.1 XO-1.75 builds
#11688 XO-1.75 Q4D04 Q4D05 autorun-mfg-tests graphical regression
#11659 Sentelic touchpad behaving unpredictable





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