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Kevin Gordon kgordon420 at
Mon Mar 12 15:19:23 EDT 2012

Good Folks:

Is there something more reliable than df to give the true amount of free
space left on the drive on a jffs2 XO1?

I boot up and it shows 130Mb of free space, then by doing absolutely
nothing disk intensive, for example a yum check, it then shows 169Mb free.
If I then yum remove a tiny rpm, let's say ntp, which says it's 1.7 Mb, it
then shows 230Mb free.  Very weird.  However, it gets more interesting ...
when I shut down and reboot it again shows 137Mb, (presumably the real
difference between 130 and the ntp removal).  I then do a yum install ntp
back, and weirdly I now I end up with  more free space ... 180Mb of free.
I'm very confused.: -)

At work on AIX, I sometimes use du  / -s -h and then total up, but on the
XO I get circular refs when I try to do this, and it gets messed.

I could probaly just write 1K blocks until it dies, but that really isn't
an elegant workaround considering what I'm trying to accomplish is a
boot-time little script which lets users know when the disk space is
getting low, and lets them know they should start purging.

No urgency.


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