11.3.1 development build 29 for XO-1.75

Martin Langhoff martin at laptop.org
Fri Mar 2 12:49:55 EST 2012

This build brings in OFW improvements, audio fixes, olpc-update,
ds-backup, powerd and new power logging scripts.

It should be updatable via olpc-update -- try the cmdline below.


 - In normal use, the laptop sometimes hangs when idle; very likely
when it is suspending or resuming; please help us diagnose this
further at #11600 and #11658

 - Record Activity will sometimes hang - #11657

 - The getty on the serial port is _disabled_ by default now (that's
the workaround). It gets enabled when you hold the "check" game key
during boot (for verbose boot).

Upgrade online with:

   olpc-update 11.3.1_xo1.75-28

Download from:


Fixes (please help us confirm):

#11664 olpc-update-query has a hardcoded /ofw path
#11665 olpc-update needs to learn about devicetree
#11667 Teach ds-backup about devicetree
#11623 Add olpc-pwr-log Ver 2.1.0 to build


--- os28/xo1.75/os28.packages.txt	2012-02-18 08:55:05.000000000 -0500
+++ os29/xo1.75/os29.packages.txt	2012-03-02 12:07:44.000000000 -0500

Kernel changelog
Paul Fox (3):
      raydium_ts:  general cleanup
      raydium_ts: put the touchscreen to sleep during suspend when possible
      olpc-ec: (re)disable EC SSP interrupts across suspend

Saadia Baloch (2):
      mmp2-i2s.c: Remove symmetric_rates restriction
      mmp2-pcm.c: Protect audio DMA from interrupts

OFW Q4D04 changelog
- FAT32 filesystem compatibility fix,
- fs-update and fs-verify refinements,
- null-fsdisk works again,
- terminal emulator fixes,
- avoid black text on black background on Linux console or xterm,


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