[Sugar-devel] How to disable "Authentication Required By Wireless Network" popup in Fedora 17

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Wed Jun 20 23:53:05 EDT 2012

On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 11:29:37PM -0400, Paul Fox wrote:
> ajay wrote:
>  > Hi Paul.
>  > 
>  > Well, I am doing development on sugar-jhbuild F17.
>  > 
>  > So, after I launch sugar-emulator, I wish to have the sugar
>  > network-authentication popup pop up (if at all), and not the gnome one.
> ah.  sugar vs.  gnome.  now that i understand your problem, i find i
> can be of no help whatsoever.  sorry!

Indeed, I have no idea either.  Running GNOME at the same time as
Sugar means NetworkManager might behave differently, as it has
multiple clients.  So I never wanted to try that.  Because it would
not be representative of the typical usage.

When I was last testing Sugar and NetworkManager interaction, I did it
on a system, such as an XO, without GNOME running.  I edited the
source files live and restarted Sugar to see the changes.  When I had
finished, I copied my changes out of the target and into git using ssh.

Still, I think it sucks that I had to restart Sugar to see the
changes.  Waste of time.

James Cameron

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