Testing Summary, Auckland - 16 June 2012

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On Sat, Jun 16, 2012 at 7:56 AM, Tom Parker <tom at carrott.org> wrote:
> Testing Summary, Auckland - 16 June 2012
> Who: Fabiana, John, Tabitha, Tom
> Tested 12.1.0 build 14 on XO-1.5s and XO-1.75s.
> Ivy (an XO-1.5):
> Speak works. Why does Alice think my name is Seeker? Why can’t Alice find my laptop name?
> Wikipedia EN. Loads, tried a few pages, worked.
> Ruler works
> Maze works
> Implode works
> Welcome works. Quite nice. Could attribution be displayed?
> Memorize all preloaded games work but when pressed stop get “keep error: all changes will be lost”.
> Tamtam mini works
> Physics works, grab tool works.
> Moon works
> Record works, took and viewed high and low quality picture, took and watched high and low quality video, took audio recordings and played back but not sure about quality as the option is greyed out but can be changed by altering it in picture or video mode. Should you be able to see low and high in the audio view? Should the low and high options be enabled in audio?
> Clock works
> Stopwatch works
> Chart works
> Help works
> Image viewer works
> Fototoon works
> Typing turtle works
> Measure starts and shows input from mic on 2 channels


> Paint works
> Finance works
> Scratch - tried some example games, worked. Would be good if there was a stop button like Sugar has so you can stop playing Scratch using the Sugar known method.
> Labyrinth - works
> Chat on adhoc network 1 works (with Kiwi)
> Jukebox crashed after playing one audio file from the journal when trying to add second file. Repeated and reoccurs.
> Tamtam jam works, can add instruments and loops
> Tamtam edit plays but don’t know how to use it yet
> Pippy - tried playing a few examples and they all worked
> Infoslicer - works, can access from Browse in the books area
> HelloWorld works
> Portfolio works
> Get Books works - got an epub and used Read to look at it.
> Read works to view books downloaded using Get Books. Can use game keys either side of screen to scroll up and down / page up and down, as well as use the keys to resize the text.
> Turtleart basic test worked
> Calculate basic test worked
> eToys tutorial castle series halo worked, there is no stop button but you have to find the X to quit which is confusing as other activities use X as the delete / erase option.
> Words starts and if you type you do get translations, don’t know accuracy (especially given that you see a translation without giving command to say you have finished typing the word you want translated so lots had ci as translation).
> Rosella (an XO-1.5):
> As reported before, everything is very small on rosella:
> https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-u9RLaA1IhBs/T9vGEwlGJjI/AAAAAAAAC0A/9VeT6WMJne0/s812/IMG_20120616_113209.jpg
> Froze while idle on the screen in the above screenshot. It was idle for about 10 minutes. Power light is on solid and does not go out briefly when you short press the power button
> Whio (an XO-1.75):
> Wikipedia EN much faster to open and do things today.
> Record takes video but when playing back from Journal it gives error message (previously reported).
> Write works.
> Get books works.
> Jukebox gives error “resource busy or not available - gstalsasink.c(689)” … when you try to add audio files from the journal
> Tamtam edit works
> Calculate works. x to the power of y is a little bit confusing. The button in the menu inserts pow() with no prompt about where to put the x and y, you actually want to do pow(x, y). The x^y syntax also works, which is arguably a more common way to express this in texts without superscript.
> Kiwi (an XO-1.75):
> Memorise seems ok.
> Physics: still has that odd behaviour at the top of the canvas that was reported i think two weeks ago. Rosella (an XO-1.5 does not seem to have the same issue in physics as kiwi.
> Record: Low and hi quality pix ok. Movie high Q begins to freeze within 15 secs of recording. Measure: The two channels are in the same colour - confusing.
> Chart: Tried opening a measure file that I captured but it tells me “the selected object must be a measure file’ Something odd, this was working last time.

Will investigate. Measure is on my To Do list this weekend.

> Maze seems ok . 90 deg rotation leaves some of the maze off screen. When 180 rotation down arrow moves image upwards - anti-intuitive.
> Paint seems ok.
> Chat with ivy: seems ok.
> Clock seems ok
> Stopwatch seems ok
> My Brain - does not seem ok, it feels like it is freezing.
> Turtle art seems ok
> Moa (an XO-1.75):
> Browse almost works for google docs as reported last time. After some initial errors, I managed to get in to this week’s document and performed all my note taking without experiencing any errors or slowdowns or pauses.
> The vmeta accelerated video decoding works after installing the libvmeta-marvell and gstreamer-plugins-marvell rpms and setting up the udev rules (see #11933).
> It appears there there is no accelerated codec for webm, the video does play but very very very slowly (like 1 frame every few seconds).
> If you sign up to youtube’s html5 trial, video almost works in browse. Sound works, but video displays the first frame and does not update. It’s not clear if this is because youtube is favouring webm or because browse is having trouble with a supported video format. The youtube html5 trial signup page HTML5 - YouTube claims webm is supported by browse.
> Is it possible to disable the software codecs which use the main cpu instead of vmeta? I’m not sure that it is worth supporting a 1 frame per second or slower decode.
> Jukebox-24 doesn’t work at all as reported above. Jukebox-26 from aslo does play video recorded in record, however it cannot play .flv videos or .mp4 videos that whaawmp (available via yum) can play well. It also appears that .flv files have a video icon but are not associated with Jukebox.
> Videos downloaded with youtube-dl (available via yum) don’t always work. I found format 34 consistently returned video that could be played in whaawmp with good performance. Format 18 sometimes returned webm (which does not play well) even though wikipedia says (in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/YouTube ) format 18 is H.264. When format 18 returns an H.264 video, cpu use during playback is almost 100%, half of which is decoding the audio (you can see this by stripping the audio out of the file using ffmpeg).
> You can also test with gst-launch:
> gst-launch filesrc location=...mov ! qtdemux ! vmetadec ! ffmpegcolorspace ! autovideosink
> Use flvdemux and matraoskademux for .flv and .mp4 files respectively. This seemed to be able to play larger videos than whaawmp. The above doesn’t play sound.
> There is only one vmeta engine, so if browse is using it, you can’t use whaawmp or gst-launch with vmeta. The error reporting here is rather poor, hopefully jukebox can do better or can signal browse to release the vmeta engine?
> Playing the 720p H.264 version of http://www.bigbuckbunny.org/index.php/download isn’t possible with whaawmp, it complains about no memory for dma stream buffers. It plays in the gst-launch command line above but not quite at full speed. The cubox uses a Marvell Armada 510 and apparently can play back 1080p, is this platform more capable than the XO?
> Among the attached power logs there is pwr-SHC2050026A-120613_041209.csv which contains about an hour of playing format 18 H.264 from youtube on build 13 with full screen brightness.
> Thanks testers.
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