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Gonzalo Odiard gonzalo at
Fri Jun 15 08:59:57 EDT 2012

I am trying to use stap to find the source of a ugly race condition,
can install it in xo-1.75 with os13, but when want execute it,
have the following error:

bash-4.2# stap --vp 1 -o ./output.log -t sugar.stp 506
failed with error: No such file or directory
Incorrect version or missing kernel-devel package, use: yum install

Trying to install:

v7hh-4.2#  yum install
updates/metalink                                         | 4.3 kB     00:00

updates-testing/metalink                                 | 4.5 kB     00:00

No package kernel-devel-3.0.19_xo1.75-20120606.1504.olpc.8d24ad5.armv7h
Error: Nothing to do

I know we have our custom kernel, but we publish a kernel-devel package too?
Where is it?

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