Announcing Q3C07 for XO-1.5

James Cameron quozl at
Fri Jun 15 00:19:27 EDT 2012

This release contains an urgent fix for mass production swiftness, a
new .os command for checking what operating system build is installed,
and a rework of the test menu to assist deployment repair centres.
Test reports are encouraged.


- revert ASIX USB ethernet physical interface power down fixes made
  earlier, as they cause delays when downloading deployment keys in
  mass production,

- add visual response to escape key when in secure mode, ticket

- fix to vocabulary search order while in telnetd, ticket #11926,

- rework of test menu for USB ports, ticket #11845,

- keep menu visible after automatic tests, ticket #11847,

- restore audio test sweep volume to original level, ticket #11846,

- test menu, enable ALPS touchpad driver, ticket #11902,

- add .os command for test bed management,

- remove USB serial adapter keyboard support, ticket #11871 and ticket

James Cameron

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