Testing wanted: XO-1 USB compatibility Q2F12jb #11931

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Thu Jun 14 01:53:36 EDT 2012


Thanks to many testers over the years, we have finally figured out a
cause of incompatibility between Open Firmware and some common USB
devices, in particular hubs and USB FLASH drives with embedded hubs.

We have a fix, thanks to Bert and Mitch, but I'd like to see some
wider testing on XO-1.  There's a small possibility that there are
devices which are affected by the fix.

This build of OpenFirmware is a temporary release for testing
compatibility with various USB devices during device or hub probe:


Do not use this build on a secured laptop without first verifying that
your USB drives work with this build.

Previous versions reset the port, then asked the device to set an
address before reading the device descriptor.  Some devices did not
return a device descriptor, resulting in errors or hangs before boot.
This test build resets the port, then reads the device descriptor,
then asks the device to set an address.  Also, any previous device
descriptor in memory is destroyed.

Insert a device and then use the probe-usb or p2 command to test.
Examine the output and make sure the correct devices have been

Restart Open Firmware if you remove any devices, otherwise the devices
that were seen continue to be listed.

Testing with Linux or Sugar is not necessary, as Linux uses device
drivers in the kernel.

See http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/11931 for further detail.

When you are finished with the testing, you can reflash to Q2F12 or
later.  Q2F12 is the latest at time of writing.

Please report your results, thanks!

James Cameron

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