Outdoor Light Sensor

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Wed Jun 13 22:06:29 EDT 2012

The rear facing storage LED is of less use, since when storage latency
is important to a user they are typically also operating the unit from
the front.  There is no display backlight leakage that I can see
through the rear facing light pipes.

However, this mounting point would capture light behind the laptop,
instead of light on the front.  This might also require two drivers
for the storage LEDs instead of one.

Otherwise, having disassembled the front face and thought through the
mainframe volumes ... the only other place I can think of for a light
pipe is ...

Below the left lone USB socket, using the same front panel structure
as for the microphone LED.  It looks to be about the same distance as
the microphone LED is from the microphone mounting centre.

However, the forward facing surface of the motherboard is certainly
bathed in backlight.

We might also do both, wiring the sensors in parallel.

James Cameron

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