XO battery/performance[ Devel Digest, Vol 76, Issue 21]

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Wed Jun 13 03:56:08 EDT 2012

On Wed, Jun 13, 2012 at 12:16:13AM -0700, Yioryos Asprobounitis wrote:
> > 
> > You can reduce the chance of contact noise derailing the
> > transmission
> > by connecting the two laptops in a specific order:
> > 
> or maybe adding ,n,8,1 in the command ?...

No, that will make no difference.

> (I still think is a good idea to add it in the wiki. Even with the
> notion that although not necessary may reduce unexpected results
> stemming from line noise or race with the modem manager ;)


,n,8,1 should not be added to the Wiki for the usage of the screen
program, because it does nothing, and I would not have the Wiki
deceive anybody.

The line noise depends on the power supplies being used, and the
amount of isolation, and the way in which the contacts are mated
... so many variables, if we documented them all we'd have a tutorial
on using serial ports ... in an age where they are rarely used by most

James Cameron

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