Testing Summary, Auckland - 2 June 2012

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On Sun, Jun 3, 2012 at 6:02 PM, Tom Parker <tom at carrott.org> wrote:
> Testing Summary, Auckland - 2 June 2012
> Who: Fabiana, John, Tabitha, Tom
> Today we tested 12.1.0 os12 on XO-1.75
> Installed os12 and updated to the new-old kernel. This was made more difficult by needing to find the rpm option to force installation of an old version. Found that none of the laptops did the auto-expand filesystem thing after booting with the new kernel, reported two different failure modes on #10040.
> Had Hoiho freeze when inserting a usb flash drive. This laptop froze last week under similar circumstances. Is there anything we can do to diagnose? Currently we just hold down the power button and restart it.
> Hoiho
> Speak - robot can't speak default and doesn't know any answers to my questions
> Moon - works
> Maze - works
> Implode - works
> Memorize - seems more confusing to find your way around the activity these days... can play all three preloaded games with all three sizes.  Sometimes the sound gets distorted and crackly (speaker quality issue or load issue?).
> Labyrinth - found that you cannot change the text colour in the central idea, only the other nodes
> Tamtam mini - if you use the game direction rocker to move between the instruments the page doesn’t automatically scroll to show what instrument you have selected, but you can use the game circle and cross keys to manually scroll. Sometimes the sound gets distorted and crackly (speaker quality issue or load issue?).
> Clock - no time displayed when you press the “display time in full letters” button. Talking clock asks you what time is it, rather than telling you what time it is. Reported previously.
> Stopwatch - works
> Ruler - works
> Simplegraph - oooo we really like this!! so much potential! quickly worked out how to add values and labels, though I didn’t read the tool tip and found the “remove selected value” was not what I thought it was (expected it to move the value and label up the list, like a shuffle values around). Is there a plan to add scatter graph? It would be good if you could see the labels on the graph a bit bigger font size as they are quite hard to read. I would like to import the data in stopwatch (yay! we have been waiting for something for this!) but I am wondering how it could overlay the stopwatch data from each watch. It seems to be able to import either one stopwatch with multiple marks, or lots of stopwatches but only uses the highest time mark. Really looking forward to seeing this activity develop.
> Finance works
> Physics - something wrong with top 15% of the screen, kind of hidden with flashy bits sometimes showing objects there but mostly not. Drew a large rectangle on the right that went all the way up, and the top seemed to ‘vibrate’ between shorter and taller versions. Upon closer inspection, it was not the top of the square but actually the top of the canvas that was becoming inactive at the top - placing the cursor (or create any object) at the top of the canvas made this obvious.
> Record - can take photos
> Portfolio - works, took a minute to find a refresh button after going back to the journal to add the required stars. is there a way to edit description here and it goes into the journal description field? found that if you havent labelled images well and there is no preview in journal then its hard to add description there, but if you can add the description in portfolio then you are sorted, I guess the same argument applies to editing the file name from within portfolio too, so maybe i am using the wrong tool!

Not sure which version you are running, but if you grab the latest
bits, you'll find a palette that lets you update descriptions from the

> Kotare
> Write - works
> Wikipedia EN - still slow but doesn’t crash on back button anymore.
> Wikipedia ES - is faster than before (yay)
> Record - can make video and play in Record but can’t play from Journal (previously reported)
> Getbooks - downloaded a .pdf and viewed it, also downloaded a .pub and viewed it
> Moa
> Measure - works nice. I captured a few wavefroms and then was able to find htem in the journal. They do seem to be ‘images’ - it would be nice to create a text file for further analysis. I also liked the measure log where I can retrieve some metadata for the traces.

I don't support sampling audio -- maybe I should -- but I do support
saving sensor data. These data are editable and also can be directly
imported into Chart (aka SImpleGraph).

> Turtle art - I like how when I mouse over an element it shows me in the bottom what it does -- At first we thought it was an error message!

Note that when you tire of this feature, you can turn it off from the View Menu.

> Simple graph activity - Melikes! Like that you can read from measure  and stopwatch although I did not figure out how to do it. This is the type of activity that makes a lot of other activities more useful. Yay!

You can also drag data from the clipboard onto the graph and it is
displayed. (Dimensions -- aka Visual Match -- exports scores to the
clipboard for this purpose.)

> Physics - See Hoiho - same problem
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As always, thanks for testing and the detailed feedback.



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