Turtle Art sensor xo 1.75 range voltage

forster at ozonline.com.au forster at ozonline.com.au
Fri Jun 1 23:51:40 EDT 2012


> > The turtle code is forever print voltage
> Could you please explain how to do this?  I've not used Turtle Art, so
> don't presume any foreknowledge.

look at the blocks submenu, the 4th item from the left in the main menu
look at the 'flow operators' pallette the 5th item in the submenu, icon is circular arrows

drag 'forever' onto the canvas

from the extras pallette, 9th in the submenu, icon is cog

drag 'print' and dock it under the RHS of forever

from the sensors pallette, 7th in the submenu, icon is plug

drag 'voltage' and dock it to the right of print

click on the forever block to run

(I have just discovered a bug in the stereo channel selection, sometimes the left channel is voltage and the right voltage1, sometimes they swap)

> Or, could you use "alsactl store" in the test state, and provide the
> file it generates.  I can then use it on "alsactl restore" and be sure
> of the same ALSA mixer configuration.

is alsactl store fails, cannot open /etc/asound/state for writing: permission denied

> Okay, please compare with identical kernels.  There has been a bit of
> change in the audio driver.  Use uname -a to check the kernel
> revision.
How do I interpret the output?


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