XO battery/performance [Devel Digest, Vol 76, Issue 21]

Yioryos Asprobounitis mavrothal at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 17 11:52:59 EDT 2012

--- On Fri, 7/13/12, Richard A. Smith <richard at laptop.org> wrote:
> Another test you
> could do is to see if the ACR changes with the battery
> removed from the laptop.  You can do this with
> batman.  The steps would be:
> 1) Connect XO 1 or 1.5 to external power.
> 2) Boot the machine and stop at the open firmware prompt
> 3) Allow battery to charge up up until full.
> 4) print out the ACR with:
>   ok bg-acr@ .bg-acr
> 5) remove battery
> 6) record the printed ACR number somewhere

(This is done over few days before your next mail about step 3 but may still be of some value)

On an XO-1
The reading is "-4610.42" (!?) 

> 7) Note time of battery removal
> 8) Wait 24 hours.
> 9) repeat steps 1-4

with a change in step 3 now. 3="insert battery": reading "-4610.84"
Reboot with AC and battery: reading "-4611.25"

Reboot to Sugar and got "very little battery"
At no point the charge light came up (green, red, or orange/yellow)

run 0 bg-acr! and then bat-recover. Indeed the battery looked drained (6.9 Volts) and charged but took took just few mAh before it jumped to 7.4 volts. Still no battery LED

Got ACR after charge: "-08.50"
Left it 20 h outside the XO, ACR: "-08.75" 
The battery LED turned green as soon as I inserted the battery in the XO. Removed the AC and the light remained green!
Reinserted the battery and the LED went off. ARC: "-14.75"
Left it 20h _IN_ the XO-1. ACR: "-955.5"

I do not know what's with the negative numbers and if is a result of zeroing ACR but the reading difference for 20h in the XO is ~900 and outside the XO is 0. This is the case in different XOs too.

At this point booted up and sugar reads battery 99% full.
Run olpc-pwr-log ../olpc-battery/capacity is stuck to "100"
Run the XO on battery to empty (I'm assuming with the reading stuck at 100% the battery went really dry). I attach the log just in case.
On Restart ARC was: "-3295.00"
At this point (with and "empty" battery out of the XO) I stop waiting for instruction (see below)

I may be way off, but judging from the erratic readings and LED behavior I would think that might be an issue with the battery EC. Anyway to "talk" to it and make it behave? 
Though if interested I think would be much more efficient if you check the battery in person ;)

If not, let me have clear what you want exactly since is not clear to me from your latter mail if after the first run, AC is needed and the XO should start with AC only or battery only of both together, or doesn't matter. 
So what I'm thinking to do is this:

With the battery in "some" capacity (not necessarily full but certainly not empty) and AC plugged
ok batman-start
ok bg-acr@ .bg-acr
remove battery and AC.

24h latter, plug AC (?)
ok batman-start 
insert battery (? or first the battery and then batman-start?)
ok bg-acr@ .bg-acr
Turn off XO, remove AC, let battery in.

24h later remove battery (? or is OK to be in?), plug AC (?)
ok batman-start
insert battery
ok bg-acr@ .bg-acr

Please specify as needed.


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