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Please all join us now, voting for the latest OLPC/Sugar community
projects over IRC Live Chat, to make the best project allocations &
mentoring relationships--starting right here:


* Fast Review of the 3 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals.
   Plz join us advocating for & reviewing shortcomings of these proposals:

   1. Repair center / Union Tech Coop - Madison, Wisconsin
   2. Childrens Learning Club: Organic Farming - Goa, India
   3. OLPC Librarian Ambassadors - Jamaica

* Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring below?!

* New projects & libraries -- teaching them Community Outreach:

1. Repair center / Union Tech Coop - Madison, Wisconsin

    Requests 2 XO-1s and 2 more recent XOs over undetermined months

    Project Objectives:
    To keep as many OLPC devices working and in the field as possible!
    Also providing training and increasing awareness and support of the
    project by the local community.

    Plan of Action:
    1. Become a repair center and perform repairs to keep OLPC hardware 
    2. Train people on the hardware and the benefits of the project

2. Childrens Learning Club: Organic Farming - Goa, India

    Requests 10 XO-1s over 18 months

    Project Objectives:
    To develop a curriculum using Sugar on the XO for youg children to learn
    organic farming. To create an awareness in them to think about what they
    eat and learn how to grow some of it in a fun filled way.

    Plan of Action:
    Develop a curriculum of Sugar activities on the XO: To address the 
    problem of malnutrition amongst economically disadvantaged primary 
    going kids in India.

    Help children understand their nutritional needs and get them to think
    about the quality of food they eat, the water they drink and the air 

    Help them to learn to grow and harvest their own vegetables organically,
    reduce waste and re-cycle and re-use whatever little they produce.

    Involve the parents and encourage them learn the skills form the 
    to grow vegetables in their own homes.

    Enable them to understand the consequences of contamination of the
    environment, the soil and food by pesticides and chemical fertilizer and
    point/move them in the direction of learning about growing and consuming
    healthy organic vegetables.

    In the process of participating in this children will learn some of the
    topics in their basic science curriculum.  [Continues, see full 

3. OLPC Librarian Ambassadors - Jamaica

    Requests 10 XO-1s over 24 months

    Project Objectives:
    1. Develop a program of activities around Librarians using the XOs in
       primary schools in Kingston and St Andrew.
    2. Develop a program of activities for educating students in teachers'
       colleges preparing to become primary school librarians to use the 
XOs in
       school libraries.

    Plan and Procedure for Achieving the Stated Objectives:
    1. OLPC Jamaica will train Mary Bewaji and other members of the Jamaica
       Library Service to use the XOs and Sugar.
    2. Together we will identify how the XOs can be integrated into the
       Librarians' practices with their schools and how it can be used to
       improve their practices.
    3. We will work with Mico University College to upgrade their
       educational technology workshops for educating teacher-librarians on
       using educational technology in schools to include Sugar and the XOs.
    4. We will develop indigenous ebooks as open educational resources and
       select other open resources to use with the Jamaican primary school
    5. We will develop a XS image to be installed on commodity PC hardware
       in primary school libraries.
    6. We will develop custom sugar-on-a-stick versions for parents and
       children to use with their computers at home.
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