Contributors Program 2PM EST Friday Jan 27

Holt holt at
Wed Jan 25 06:46:41 EST 2012

Know a community project needing XO-1s (*) to advance learning 
software/hardware/activities/content using Sugar especially?!

Remind all such serious projects to apply to OLPC's Contributors Program 
well before 2PM EST this Friday Jan 27, thanks:

A quick email suffices, if the project is solid, and has posted to -- a blog syndicated to or never hurts either!

(*) Individual XO-1.5's and XO-1.75 prototypes may be available under 
very special circumstances.  Most all project will receive XO-1s 
however.  Thanks for applying and encouraging other strong contributors 
to apply as well :)

Help kids everywhere map their world, at !

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