XO-1 cpu temperature [Devel Digest, Vol 71, Issue 43]

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Mon Jan 23 18:03:49 EST 2012

> if you don't feel like hunting down the correct
> block device on the linux side

But there __is__ no block device defined by the 12.1.0 operating system 
when running on the XO-1.  { Raw /dev/ubi0, whose partition contains the 
root file system, is defined as a character device. }  I don't want to 
get into making my own major and minor inode numbers, etc., etc.

[ I normally don't run Gnome.  When I now switched over to Gnome -- it 
saw the same devices (and only those devices) as when running Sugar. ]

> you can probably edit it from OFW

I will liken "finding out OFW capabilities (and commands)" to "pulling 
hen's teeth".  When I inquired in 2008, the answer was "read the code". 
Still haven't gotten around to doing that.

Thank you for responding,  mikus

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