Run OFW heat spreader test

James Cameron quozl at
Mon Jan 23 00:56:06 EST 2012

The heat spreader test is always run in e-book mode, because that's what
the immediately preceeding test does.

I imagine you would get different results if you didn't run it in e-book
mode.  I imagine that over a large sample, the results would be
considerably different.

For the user training issue, stop using the manufacturing test prompts,
and replace them with something localised.

dev /switches
: new-wait-lid  ( -- )
  ." Thermal test step 1, close and then re-open the laptop lid." cr
     begin  ?key-abort  lid? until
: new-wait-ebook  ( -- )
  ." Thermal test step 2, rotate the top part and lay it down face up."
  begin  ?key-abort  ebook? until
  ." Thermal test step 3, please wait a few seconds." cr
patch new-wait-lid wait-lid all-switch-states
patch new-wait-ebook wait-ebook all-switch-states

James Cameron

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