XO Boot time battle

Lionel Laské lionel at olpc-france.org
Fri Jan 20 02:46:24 EST 2012



> All are recently flashed?


@Alan and @ Yioryos

Here is the detail of config used :

-          XO 1.75 is on Q4C10 with 11.3.0

-          XO 1.5 is on Q3B22 with 11.3.0

-          XO 1.0 is on Q2E41 with 802 (it’s the config we’re using on our
Madagascar deployment)


> Did you compare the speed during other tasks? video recording/playing,
access to Internet, etc? 



We didn’t measure speed for other tasks but XO 1.75 seems really to do all
tasks more quickly than other XO versions.

Shutdown time is very quick too.



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