The Fedora Fifteen Franken ARM hardfp build 1 for XO 1.75

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Mon Jan 9 06:46:51 EST 2012

On Sat, Jan 7, 2012 at 9:24 PM, Niels de Vos <niels at> wrote:
> On 01/03/2012 01:03 PM, Peter Robinson wrote:
>> The "This sonic transducer, it is I suppose some kind of
>> audio-vibratory-physio-molecular transport device?" release.
>> This is a hard floating point Franken release for development and
>> testing of the hardfp on the XO 1.75. Its very incomplete and has a
>> number of things that don't work. This is expected and its a release
>> only really intended for people that understandard what hardfp is and
>> the significance of it and wish to test and develop further for this
>> fairly major feature both for upstream Fedora and the XO releases.
>> This isn't a release that shouldn't have bug reports against it.
>> So what are the known issues, and what works?
>> - X works using fbdev. There's an issue with resolution. Fix this by
>> removing the "Virtual" line from /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/xo1.75.conf
>> - No accelerated X
>> - Sugar and GNOME do work quite well
>> - Networking seems to work OK
>> - Firefox DOESN'T work. Known issue, hopefully should be fixed before long
>> - Midori for GNOME, Surf for Sugar included as browsers.
> systemd is included (as it is Fedora 15) but does not really work by
> default. describes the
> same problem and points to a solution:
> - remove /var/run, /var/lock and /media from /etc/rwtab and reboot
> The change was made on a date after the version of initscripts that is
> installed was created. There are no Fedora ARM updates yet, but maybe a new
> version fixes it automatically.

I'll have a look, thanks for the heads up.

>> I've been working to get this to a reasonable testing state for a
>> while and finally all the bits fell into place. There's quite a bit of
>> change going on in the ARM Fedora 15 world. I would suggest regular
>> "yum update" to get the latest builds. I'm not expecting to do regular
>> builds of this, but will happily cut more builds if people think a new
>> one would be useful.
> Unfortunately the fedora.repo and fedora-updates.repo are non-functional for
> Fedora 15 on ARM. Instead, I am now using the most current builds directly
> from a repository on the koji infrastructure:
> -

The entries in fedora.repo and fedora-updates.repo should work just
fine. They do for me on both sfp and hfp platforms.

> Does it make sense to create tickets for these kind of issues? Or is this
> email sufficient to help others?

I wouldn't, its really a reference, I'll likely cut another build
shortly with other fixes but its not aimed at any sort of official
release but a stop gap until we can move to f17 snapshots.


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