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On 1/8/12, Chris Leonard <cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 7, 2012 at 11:46 PM, Alexandro Colorado <acolorado at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> We talked about it on the IRC chat, however there is a lot of
>> missconceptions like the crank meme, and now andorid.
>> Why would we want a >13yr old kid in 3rd world to go to the android
>> store to buy apps, get a google account and use G+.
>> Just doesnt seem right.
> Please consider the very pragmatic argument that one *really* good
> reason to have Android on the demo of the XO-3 tablet at an event as
> well publicized as CES is that neither Sugar or Gnome have yet
> implemented all that neat touch-interface, tablet stuff like virtual
> keyboards, etc. whereas all of this has been present in Android for
> some time.
> Demo'ing Sugar on the tablet at this point would probably require
> plugging in a keyboard and a mouse, which would be a little
> embarrassing in front of all of the press corps.
> I'm fairly sure that Sugar and most likely Gnome will have tablet
> support in time for a production XO-3.0, but it is a bit much to
> expect all of that to be in place right now when they are showing the
> earliest of hardware prototypes.  I would guess that one reason why a
> small number of "extra-special" XO-1.75 prototypes had touch screens
> installed was to initiate work on tablet support for XO-3.0, but that
> would be speculation on my part.

I think Gnome got tablet support for as long as I know. There were
many projects for mobile since Gnome 1.x Specially the GPE (Gnome
Palmtop Environment) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GPE

Not to mention Maemo (later Meego) that was oirignally builted on all
GTK components. Even gnome host old lists of the Gnome Mobile
same as ubuntu and others:

Although one of the readers messages from the articles that reported
this matter, did remind me of the ICU tests that would need to be met
for this environment. KDE Plasma One I think has been one of the
initiatives to have such ICU.

Sugar sooner or later will need this too, maybe other environments
like Meego/Tizen for these porpouse. I am not sure how much of the
original Maemo survives such merges and how much could be re-utilized
for sugar. Since maemo was based all on GTK2 at least until 4.0  and a
lot of the code, documentation, API still there:
and bits like the HildonInputMethod (keyboard and all that):

> I think the level of speculation around Android is all out of
> proportion to it's real significance, but if you are really worried,
> you should port Angry Birds to Sugar so that the scales are balanced.
> cjl

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