XULRunner 1.9 On OLPC Horizontal Scroll Bar Issue

anthony at evolutionindesignz.com anthony at evolutionindesignz.com
Fri Jan 6 10:56:02 EST 2012

Hello there;

I encountered an issue when using the XULRunner, the default 
version of XULRunner on the OLPC computers. No horizontal scroll bar 
appears when text extends beyond the width of the screen.
I installed XULRunner 8.0 and called my XULRunner application from this 
newer version. The horizontal scroll bar appears.

i) Does this imply that there is a bug in XULRunner, or is 
there a setting that can be used to make the horizontal scrollbar 

ii)If it's a bug, is there a workaround? Or are there plans to update 
the default version of XULRunner on the OLPC computers? (Changing font 
size has been explored, and will probably not solve all the issues 

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