USB permissions for educational robots

Alan Jhonn Aguiar Schwyn alanjas at
Tue Jan 3 10:25:49 EST 2012

> roughly speaking, we chose the "dialout" group because a) it's a
> traditional group for access to UNIX serial devices, b) many USB
> devices that activities need access to are actually serial devices,
> and c) the "olpc" user is already a member of "dialout".  is it
> important that Lego devices be protected by a separate group
> membership?
No.. was only a idea...
Seeing the Wiki appears this:

In the article:
Can be add USB4all in the list?

> the current udev rule isn't added by Sugar -- it's in the olpc-utils
> rpm distributed by OLPC.  we can add a modified rule once we agree
> on what it should look like.

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