The Fedora Fifteen Franken ARM hardfp build 1 for XO 1.75

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Tue Jan 3 08:03:14 EST 2012

The "This sonic transducer, it is I suppose some kind of
audio-vibratory-physio-molecular transport device?" release.


This is a hard floating point Franken release for development and
testing of the hardfp on the XO 1.75. Its very incomplete and has a
number of things that don't work. This is expected and its a release
only really intended for people that understandard what hardfp is and
the significance of it and wish to test and develop further for this
fairly major feature both for upstream Fedora and the XO releases.

This isn't a release that shouldn't have bug reports against it.

So what are the known issues, and what works?

- X works using fbdev. There's an issue with resolution. Fix this by
removing the "Virtual" line from /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/xo1.75.conf
- No accelerated X
- Sugar and GNOME do work quite well
- Networking seems to work OK
- Firefox DOESN'T work. Known issue, hopefully should be fixed before long
- Midori for GNOME, Surf for Sugar included as browsers.

I've been working to get this to a reasonable testing state for a
while and finally all the bits fell into place. There's quite a bit of
change going on in the ARM Fedora 15 world. I would suggest regular
"yum update" to get the latest builds. I'm not expecting to do regular
builds of this, but will happily cut more builds if people think a new
one would be useful.

Download from:

For those interested in hardfp stuff.... enjoy :-)


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