Weird behaviour

Kevin Gordon kgordon420 at
Tue Feb 14 08:47:53 EST 2012

No, this email is not about my generally weird behaviour, it's about a
couple of my new XO 1.5's :-)

I have 2 x XO 1.5's that seem to have a very slow USB transfer rate; like,
I mean glacial.

I use the same USB build sticks to build many XO 1.5's, but on these
particular two it takes close to an hour to do a refresh, or sometimes just
stops in the middle of the refresh block colour animation  - regardless of
the stick used.  I have many times verified that the same sticks refresh in
normal time, on about 8 other 1.5s.  All the XO's are currently at the
default 883 build with q3b11 when doing this refresh test.  I then
suspected maybe main memory, but then a refresh from the SD card slots on
these same two suspect machines is lightning fast, (in fact way faster than
I've ever seen using USB), and the machine seems to be successfully built.
However,  I've also then done just a USB copy from another stick down to
the file system, and it too is really, really slow, if and when when it

The standard short-cut key at boot-time diagnostics show no errors.

Any hints?


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