Image for XO 1.75 Nicaragua

German Ruiz germanrs at
Wed Feb 8 10:26:11 EST 2012

Hi Martin

Right now i'm working on the image for the XO 1.75 to Nicaragua using
OS Builder on XO hardware that OLPC send me, i have a few questions
for the process.

Flash Support: For now this module doesn't work on ARM, there is no
flash plugin package for ARM in the adobe repo, so, what i did was to
add the Gnash repo at the [repo_section], and install the gnash
preview package gnash-0.8.10-0.1.git.master21509.armv7l, i'm going to
test it today.
Is there any chance to have Adobe flash plugin on 1.75 that we can
test and choose which package use in the final build, gnash or

Relase for 11.3.1: For now i'm using the development version of
os-builder from git, when would be the release for 11.3.1, so we can
use as base to create the final build?

Deadline: The last day to send the final image to you, and what files
do you need?

Any other suggestion to know for the process


German R S

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