Grid keyboard

John Watlington wad at
Mon Feb 6 13:34:13 EST 2012

On Feb 6, 2012, at 10:03 AM, Alan Jhonn Aguiar Schwyn wrote:
> This keyboard seems more robust..

Other pictures are at:

> It will be the default keyboard on XO 1.75?

Yes.  Although it is also possible to order a "traditional" keyboard for
older children, UL does not approve of its use with younger children.

> There are someone test of "number of pulsations" that resists?

It passes the same test as the original membrane keyboard: 5 million key presses.
Attempts to further thicken the rubber membrane to prevent key tearing could
not pass this number of key presses, leading us to look to alternative ways of
reducing the key tearing.

> In Uruguay, the keyboard and the "old touch" mouse (with 3 panels) there are biggest problems...

Yes, Ceibal was involved in the improvement of the keyboard.


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