dead wifi module? [Devel Digest, Vol 82, Issue 34]

John Watlington wad at
Sun Dec 30 23:53:14 EST 2012

On Dec 30, 2012, at 12:55 PM, Yioryos Asprobounitis wrote:

>> Looks dead to me.  I suggest:
>> 1.  remove external power cable and battery for five
>> minutes, then test again,
>> 2.  remove and reseat the wireless card, (taking care
>> with electrostatic discharge risk),
> Tried 1 and 2 with no success. Unfortunatelly I do not have my other XOs with me right now test 3 but looks pretty gone.
> Tried to locate a sales point for 88w8686 sdio module but the only one I found [1] looks nothing like the XO's one. 
> iLovemyXO also does not appear to have it.
> Are these available only through OLPC?

Possibly.   Their sale to other companies is encouraged, but as the SDIO
interface is generally only available in soldered-down modules they were
manufactured for OLPC.    They also take advantage of +1.8V SDIO signaling
and efficient +1.8V power supplies on the motherboard to save power.

For failure analysis reasons, can you verify the vintage of the 8686 card ?
The serial number of the laptop it came in should be sufficient.

If it is a developer unit, contact me off list with a shipping address.  I keep a
few on hand for use with new motherboards.


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