Auckland Testing Summary 15 November 2012

Daniel Drake dsd at
Sun Dec 16 08:58:37 EST 2012

On Sat, Dec 15, 2012 at 1:26 AM,  <tom at> wrote:
> Write starts with the writing area unfocused. You have to click or touch
> it before your typing appears.

> Selecting copy from the Write menu causes the frame to crash. This
> manifests in several ways.

The clipboard stuff is indeed crashy and broken at the moment - its a
current priority for us to fix it.

> What does the map in the on screen keyboard do?

Change language. Maybe we can improve the default behaviour in future,
especially if there is only one language configured. To configure
further languages, go into the Language section of sugar settings.

> Had Hoiho freeze completely after inserting a USB flash drive.

Was this XO-1.75 or XO-4?
To diagnose such failures we really need to reproduce them while a
serial console is connected. I know thats not always trivial to have

> Once, we had the sound stop working on an XO-4, this seemed to stop
> record taking photos. We couldn’t reproduce this.

Thanks, will keep an eye on it.

> Updated Measure to version 44 and that fixes the issues previously reported

Good to know, thanks!

> Clock 11 - no sound comes out when talking clock enabled, reported this
> already

Looks like this is being actively worked on in

> In Memorize, if there is a picture on the tile and you want to edit it,
> how do you remove the picture without deleting the tiles? (reason - if
> you have two tiles to match and want to delete one photo, you don’t
> currently seem to have this option)

> Help 15 is STILL missing the keyboard image in the keyboard shortcuts page

Filed as

> Jukebox 29 hard to test with no sample files available, and you can’t  get
> to the music that Browse has in its media files. Downloading .ogg  files
> not so easy in Browse, mp3 does not play in Jukebox. Browse  repeatedly
> crashed on jamendo and wikimedia websites.

Media in browse is indeed proving a bit of a pain. But more
significantly, do you have any URLs that were crashing Browse?


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