Auckland Testing Summary 15 November 2012

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Thanks Tom for testing,
and specially by filling tickets, is the way to have the issues solved.


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> Auckland Testing Summary 15 November 2012
> Who: John, Oliver, Tabitha, Tom
> Testing Build 13.1.0 build 18 on XO-1.75 and XO-4
> Write starts with the writing area unfocused. You have to click or touch
> it before your typing appears.
> Selecting copy from the Write menu causes the frame to crash. This
> manifests in several ways. One way:
> Start terminal
> Start Write
> Click to focus the writing area
> Select some text
> Click copy from the menu bar
> Observe the copy thing appear in the bottom left corner
> Mouse to a corner to open the frame
> Select terminal from the frame
> Observe X restarts
> Other variations include copying several times, find paste doesn’t work.
> Find frame hot points don’t work but frame opens with frame key.
> Clicking on frame icons doesn’t do anything. Stopping Write causes X to
> restart.
> Similar behavior when copying and pasting in the terminal including X
> restarting.
> This happened every time on both XO-4 and XO-1.75. shell.log is full of
> angry errors. Wrote the above up on Mark’s ticket
> with log full of angry errors.
> What does the map in the on screen keyboard do?
> Paint’s color picker does not work
> Paint is still very slow to update when making a continuous curve. The
> XO-1.75 is very laggy and the XO-4 is just noticeably laggy.
> Had paint crash with signal 9 while area filling. Couldn’t install gdb
> due to so no backtraces for you. This
> seems to crash quite easily on XO-1.75 and XO-4. Raised
> Had Hoiho freeze completely after inserting a USB flash drive.
> Once, we had the sound stop working on an XO-4, this seemed to stop
> record taking photos. We couldn’t reproduce this.
> XO-1.75 C2 Mohua
> Basic tests all pass on - Speak 44, Maze 22, Moon 16, Ruler 23,
> Stopwatch 18, Chart 8, Implode 15, Record 97, Memorize 43, Tamtam Mini
> 66, Labyrinth 14, Physics 10, Finance 10, Fototoon 13, Log 32, Terminal
> 41, Abacus 43
> Updated Measure to version 44 and that fixes the issues previously reported
> Clock 11 - no sound comes out when talking clock enabled, reported this
> already
> In Memorize, if there is a picture on the tile and you want to edit it,
> how do you remove the picture without deleting the tiles? (reason - if
> you have two tiles to match and want to delete one photo, you don’t
> currently seem to have this option)
> Used Browse 148 to download activities, works
> Write 84 - previously reported failed to start messages. We are still
> getting these messages, though it did save the writing in the Journal.
> Log file attached from one of these failed to start but actually started
> sessions.
> Help 15 is STILL missing the keyboard image in the keyboard shortcuts page
> Jukebox 29 hard to test with no sample files available, and you can’t  get
> to the music that Browse has in its media files. Downloading .ogg  files
> not so easy in Browse, mp3 does not play in Jukebox. Browse  repeatedly
> crashed on jamendo and wikimedia websites.  The notes on  Jukebox activity
> page on
> don’t give you  any
> clues as to how to use the activity or what types of files you  should
> look for.
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