Video (panned fast) goes for a toss

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To answer my own question, I guess not. I read too fast through the post, I

>>With the current 1.75 codecs the audio capture and encoding takes quite a
bit by itself, and after you do a fast pan the theora encoder has to work
much harder trying to match the encoded video with the audio trying to keep
it in sync.  It is just not able to do that and is thrashing trying to
figure out where to keyframe and sync at.


On Sun, Dec 2, 2012 at 6:41 PM, RJV <jv.ravichandran at> wrote:

> Jon,
> So, if you use mencoder and encode it with some other video encoder like a
> wmv or mpeg4 and convert the .ogv file, it should work properly? I think
> what you say makes sense and I will try to conve


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