Setting the time

Tony Anderson tony_anderson at
Mon Aug 27 09:39:24 EDT 2012


In a school deployment, it is desirable that all of the XOs have the 
same time. This time should be synchronized with/by the school server 
(even if the school server is wrong). It is not reasonable to base this 
capability on access to the internet.

Casio sells 'atomic' watches that synchronize to Ft. Collins by radio. 
Neat, but how does this work in Rwanda?


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> On Sat, Aug 25, 2012 at 01:07:35PM -0400, Samuel Greenfeld wrote:
>> To the best of my knowledge this is an intentional omission for
>> antitheft reasons.  Instructions on how to set the clock from OFW or
>> the command line are at .
> I think the task of setting the clock should be split from the
> problems that lead to it described in that page.  It is far too scary
> looking.
>> If using the "date" command is not sufficient to permanently store
>> the change, "hwclock --systohc" or similar may also need to be used.
> "date" followed by a successful normal shutdown should work, because a
> normal shutdown runs hwclock ... but "hwclock --systohc" is handy in
> case you aren't sure that a normal shutdown will happen next.
>> In newer firmware builds (potentially newer than 11.3.0's), Open
>> Firmware can log into a Open, WEP, or WPA-PSK secured access point
>> and use NTP to set the time.  To do this use the "essid" command
>> followed by the actual ESSID to set the ESSID, "wep" or "wpa" to set
>> the password, and "ntp-set-clock" (without any parameters) to query
>> a server from the public NTP pool and get the current time.
> The firmware included with 11.3.0 can already do ntp-set-clock with
> open wireless access points and USB Ethernet adapters.  More recent
> firmware fixed WEP and WPA-PSK, if I recall correctly.
> (Nothing to do with WEP and WPA-PSK in Linux though, you can stay on
> older firmware for that.)

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