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Hal Murray hmurray at
Sun Aug 26 22:56:52 EDT 2012

kgordon420 at said:
> I've noticed that on multiple XO 1's with Build 20, 12.1.0 and FW Q2F13 that
> entering reboot from terminal then tapping on the x key to get into OFW
> brings up a spurious "Lid switch is active - powering off in 8 seconds"
> after the OK prompt appears.   The lid is indeed fully open, after all, I am
> hitting the 'x' key, so I'm not sure how the machine thinks it's closed :-)

> "Type lid-off to disable this " at the OK prevents it from shutting off,
> when I ent4er it in time, but I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing
> this symptom. 

I saw one a while ago.

The context for mine was that the battery light was red on what I thought was 
a good battery.  I was trying to get from Linux to the firmware to collect 
some battery info.

In hindsight, it's not too surprising that the system was confused about the 
lid-sensor since it was known to be confused about the battery.

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