First pass at DT-probed mmp-camera

Daniel Drake dsd at
Thu Aug 23 14:42:00 EDT 2012


Here is the first pass at camera support from the device tree.

Firmware patch:

Kernel patch:

My next step is to explore putting the camera node as a child of the
camera-i2c node, matching the layout of the dcon. That will make the
code to find the i2c parent less ugly. Then I plan to investigate
having the camera probed directly by i2c-gpio (rather than as a
platform device), because i2c-gpio calls of_i2c_register_devices()
which creates and probes i2c devices based on child nodes of the
i2c-gpio device.

This was working on XO-1.75 (system booted, camera worked), but
something committed to arm-3.5 in the last couple of days has broken
boot (I'll diagnose this next week).

For XO-4, I noticed some mmp3-specific code in the firmware related to
powering up an island (or something) so there may be a few more steps
needed on the kernel side.

Also the CCIC driver needs to be turned on in the config.


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