Thanks Buddy !!!

Ajay Garg ajay at
Thu Aug 16 03:34:06 EDT 2012

I would like to take this opportunity, in front of all the members of our
small family ( well.. ok, not so small a family :P ), to thank the person,
who has been responsible for my rejuvenation, and is the reason for my
today's well-being state. He is, of course, Anish.

A year back, Anish was the one who picked me up when I was completely,
morally and mentally devastated. He said just one thing :: "Ajay, please
come back on track. I know your abilities". That was the thing that gave me
the kick; and today, here I am -- lucky to be coding for inevitable, core
requirements; and fully enjoying my work here at AC.

I would also like to thank you all, for providing me the support, and
(specifically AC) treating me so well.

But as I say, the lion's share of my thanks, has to go to Anish :)

Today, as Anish goes away to pursure his Masters, I recall all those fun
moments we had in college, and thereafter.
Lately, our weekly meet-up at our "office" at a Cafe Coffee Day outlet in
Delhi, had become a topic of fun and laughter amongst ourselves, and
friends :D
I will surely miss those "weekly" fun moments ... !!!

Thanks Anish for everything ...
Congratulations again for another feather in the cap ...
And lastly - the most important thing - have fun :D :D :D

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