Customisation using an unsecure bootable USB drive and runin

James Cameron quozl at
Thu Apr 12 17:55:35 EDT 2012

Mikus, here's something that might make your customisation a tiny bit
easier ...

Write a runin-main shell script that does your customisations.  It will
be executed on boot.

Create a runin.tgz file on a USB drive that contains at minimum the
runin-main script.  It may contain other things too; these are unpacked
in /bootpart/runin, so there is a limit to the space available.

Create a boot/olpc.fth file on the USB drive that copies the runin.tgz
file to the boot partition:

-- cut here --
\ unsigned customisation script for OLPC XO-1.5 via runin test
copy u:\runin.tgz int:\runin\runin.tgz
boot int:\boot\olpc.fth
-- cut here --

See /etc/init.d/00*runin for how this works.

fs-update the build, then boot from the USB drive.

(You could even have the fs-update after visible in the script, but
that's a bit destructive if you leave it in by mistake).

Only works on unsecure laptops.  On secure laptops the USB drive boot
script is ignored.

James Cameron

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