Kernel for 12.1.0

Chris Ball cjb at
Wed Apr 11 10:19:35 EDT 2012


On Wed, Apr 11 2012, Daniel Drake wrote:
>> We have arm-3.3 and arm-3.4 branches available for use in 12.1.0.
> Great! Are these ready for build inclusion now, or are there still
> some big parts broken?

Still waiting for CMA+galcore and suspend/resume, so not ready yet --
probably next week.

>> 3.4 final will probably release in early June, and is at -rc2 now.
>> Are we sure we want to go with 3.3 rather than 3.4 for 12.1.0?
> I think 3.3 is the best option. 3.4 lands a bit too late for comfort
> in our release cycle, and we've already got a decent amount of testing
> with 3.3. Plus it lines us up nicely with F17.

Okay!  Sounds good, thanks.

- Chris.
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