XO Vid/Doc Sprint Outline Chat

Holt holt at laptop.org
Tue Apr 3 21:09:41 EDT 2012

On 4/3/2012 9:06 PM, Holt wrote:
> See you 7pm EDT Wedn on #olpc-help, thanks!
> http://forum.laptop.org/chat will get you directly there :)
> We'll be discussing some quite powerful new recommendations for this 
> coming weekend's OLPC/Sugar Doc Sprint (http://j.mp/xomanual) that I, 
> ChristophD, SethW, CarylB, WalterB have come up with around:
>     1) Tool Chain (FLOSS, Wiki, Etherpad, Google Docs)
>     2) Content (HW, Core Sugar, Core Activities, Fun Activities)
>     3) Artifacts (Help Activity, WWW, Wiki, Print)
> Please be there to provide your input & reflections!  Seth Woodworth 
> will be "Editor-in-Chief" having volunteered to do the very hardest 
> work packaging this up in various ways -- assisted by Christoph 
> Derndorfer having flown in from the furthest?  In any case, work will 
> start for real  first thing Friday morning, so we will be certainly do 
> our best to finalize the roadmap

WEDN Evening I meant!

> during this meeting.  OK, see you in exactly 21hrs, those in Boston 
> already, those still arriving in coming days -- and those Trojan 
> workers who'll actually deliver full chapters/clean help artifacts 
> remotely, thanks all!

And don't forget to check our rapidly evolving social calendar for the 
evenings in coming days :)


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