ARM gcc with alsa

Barry Vercoe bv at
Wed Sep 21 04:33:35 EDT 2011

I'm the original author of Csound, and more recently of CsoundXO made 
especially for the OLPC XO laptop.  Both are C-language programs, the 
latter with a set of fast Python bindings for development of special 
interactive XO Activities (applications).

To compile csoundxo on the latest XO 1.75 ARM machine I did the 
following (native):

     yum install gcc
     yum install alsa-lib-devel-1.0.24-1.fc14.armv5tel.rpm
     gcc -o csoundxo -I/usr/include -I./include -D_POSIX_C_SOURCE  
-L/usr/lib -lasound -lm  ./csrc/*.c

The install appears to be missing an alsa component, including I suspect 
a PulseAudio plugin config, which then fails to resolve references to 
things like

Where do I find the right code for this ARM machine?

Barry Vercoe

Prof Emeritus MIT Media Lab

Dir of Education and Engineering, OLPC Australia
barry at
+61 409 627 410

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