Syncronizing defconfig between XO-1.5 and XO-1.75

Martin Langhoff martin at
Thu Sep 15 13:16:17 EDT 2011

I have gone through a diff between XO-1.5 and XO-1.75 defconfigs, and
updated XO-1.75 defconfig. The goals were

 - to syncronize driver support for USB-pluggable devices - anything
supported on XO-1.5 we expect to work on XO-1.75
 - to syncronize kernel services and options for consistency --

Lots of changes, fetch and review the diff for more info. Below I
summarized the highlights. Holler if any of these is a problem, I'll
be happy to rework it. My indications of "sync" refer to syncronizing
to XO-1.5 configuration.

 - Enabled RFKILL - we may need to set the hooks in the platform definition (?)

 - GALCORE and MMP2_CPU settings enabled -- they are hardcoded to
enabled in the Kconfig anyway, so it's a NOOP right now. This seems to
have been triggered indirectly by running menuconfig.

 - Enabled BSD process accounting, POSIX message queues (sync)

 - Enabled network and netfilter configuration -- kernel has all you
need for a NAT'ing host, and IPv6 (sync). Lots of scheduling, queueing
options sync'd there.


 - BLKDEV enabled, LOOP, CRYPTOLOOP as modules (sync)

 - Made CONFIG_MOUSE_PS2* modular (sync)

 - Made various USB Ethernet drivers modular, to match XO-1.5 (sync)

 - Did not enable CONFIG_MOUSE_PS2_OLPC as it seems to be for ALPS.

 - Did not sync SERIAL_8250_* nor  SERIO_*

 - Did not remove PSAUX, though I suspect it's not needed on our SoC.

 - Enabled USB_STORAGE_<various> (sync).

 - We have USB_MDC800=y, only on XO-1.75 - do we care? is this Mustek
MDC800 a widely used chipset?

 - Changed USB_SERIAL_<various> to modules -- sync. This includes
_OPTION and _SIERRA_WIRELESS which are used for "3G" modems. Some are
enabled only on XO-1.75, perhaps they are widely used chipsets that
could be enabled on 1.5 as well?

 - Enabled USB_SISUSBVGA and friends as modules (sync)

 - Also enabled FB_UDL for DisplayLink support as I am about to play
with this. Filed #11245 for XO-1 and XO-1.5

 - Surprise! We have UWB=y on our XO-1.75 builds -- anyone playing
with this? ;-)

 - We have EXT4_DEBUG (on xo-1.75 only) -- filed #11244 so that we
remember to disable it.

 - The EXT{2,3,4} situation looked mixed up. XO-1.5 kernel is using
EXT4 for all EXT variants. On XO-1.75 we had the 3 drivers, which
slowed down mounting the root partition. Additionally, EXT4 options on
XO-1.75 did not include POSIX_ACL. Sync'ed things to the (saner?)
config options in XO-1.5.

 - Enabled DNOTIFY, QUOTA (and related), FUSE_FS, and AUTOFS4 - sync.

 - Did not enable drivers for Joliet and other CD filesystems. I doubt
we care -- we don't seem to have CD-ROM drivers anyway. Why do we have
this on XO-1.5?

 - VFAT support is modular now - sync

 - We don't have SMB/CIFS - surprised...

 - NLS_DEFAULT=utf8 (sync) and made UTF8 built statically. Minor detail but

 - Sync'ed crypto cyphers.


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