arm-3.0 branch renamed to arm-3.0-wip - don't be scared to push!

Daniel Drake dsd at
Fri Sep 9 15:55:05 EDT 2011


We've just renamed the olpc-kernel arm-3.0 to arm-3.0-wip (Work In Progress).

This is to help reflect the position that this branch *is* ok for
experimental and in-progress work. As long as it has had minimal
developer testing and is at the point where further testing should
happen by the wider community (i.e. it should be included in a build),
push your commits. Fixes-on-fixes and reverts are fine when necessary.
Don't worry too much about "mess" - we are in rapid pre-production

This is the sort of model we have followed before, and having the
history flowing like this in one branch (which runs in parallel to the
released OS builds) *is* extremely useful for those who have to come
several months down the line, figure out what happened, fix weird bugs
and upstream code (been there, done that!).

Later on, such commits can be cleaned up and merged when starting a
new kernel branch (e.g. arm-3.2), usually for a new major release.

So, please push stuff that is ready for wider community testing without fear!

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