ARM dropbox repo change

Daniel Drake dsd at
Tue Sep 6 06:24:28 EDT 2011


As proposed in the thread titled "11.3.0 ARM repo setup", the dropbox
setup for ARM is changing to bring it inline with x86, as it moves
into the 11.3.0 stream.

This means:

- The f14-arm dropbox is no longer being included in builds

- Now that Fedora has an established ARM build system, we will return
to using the RPM dropboxes for exceptional circumstances only. That
is, the small quantity of packages that we have that are not in
Fedora, and the small set of packages that we have forked for
exceptional reasons. See

- If packaging work is needed at the Fedora level, me and Peter can
take care of that - just ask.

- The 'f14-xo1.75' dropbox is to be used for anything that is specific
to the XO-1.75 laptop at the hardware level. The only 2 packages that
fall into this category are bootfw and kernel.

- The 'f14' dropbox is to be used for everything else that falls into
dropbox criteria for XO-1.75, e.g. runin-tests, our trivially-forked
Sugar package, etc  (yes, it is OK to mix arm and x86 packages in the
same repo, yum does the right thing). Stuff that is mainline Fedora
(e.g. powerd, olpc-utils) should *not* be put here - it should instead
be pulled in through Fedora channels.

If people could move their f14-arm packages into the appropriate
dropbox today that would be much appreciated. If not, I will abuse
some admin powers and do that on your behalf tomorrow.


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