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Kevin Gordon kgordon420 at
Fri Sep 2 09:58:20 EDT 2011

Hi:  I may have some access to a couple of university students who are
interested in doing some python development, using the XO 1.5.

In order to build a couple of boxes, I'd like to pre-install 'the right

Might I get a list of packages to install to  accomplish this?

Like maybe

yum install gcc
yum install gtk3
yum install gtk3-devel
yum install binutils
yum install vim
or yum install emacs
any python development rpms?

Is there a page to go for best-practices to develop on the XO.  Or, I could
always just have them run a full Fedora install on their Lenovo's :-)

Right now, they are interested in Python development, not Sugar development,
but sometimes baby steps are best :-)


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