Where we are at ~ 11.3.x, 12.x

Martin Langhoff martin at laptop.org
Mon Oct 31 11:10:45 EDT 2011

We are at an interesting point, schedule wise. To a large extent we
have been working in a concentrated effort for XO-1.75, and it has
been mostly in sync. This is about to change.

On the software for XO-1.75 front, we are about to split our efforts.
With the 11.3.0 release, the Sugar/Fedora/Gnome team will be
aggressively moving their focus and attention to F16, which brings a
ton of API and infra changes (they'll probably later move to F17,
which shouldn't break APIs) -- only attending to very high priority
bugs on the 11.3.x track.

We'll continue working on kernel and power mgmt infra on the 11.3.x
track. I propose that we aim to cut a final 11.3.1 shortly before
Xmas. If at that point we have good-enough PM, audio, and we are not
facing any major issues, that will be the final 11.3.x release.

We want to put a good 11.3.x-for-XO-1.75 out, but we _must_ shift our
focus to 12.1.0 (F16/F17), where we will be using hard fp, with
compiler options pretty close to our hardware's ideal.

On XO-1 and 1.5, 11.3.0 is shaping up to be a fantastic release. It
has all the 11.2.0 goods, plus working Collaboration, and a ton of
improvements, big and small. It's the release we always wanted to have

The F16/17 timeframe (loosely defined as mid-2012) gives us enough
time to have a much more polished power mgmt; one that puts the ball
where we want it in terms of battery time when in ebook usage mode,
and in use under weak power sources (such as solar panels).

In general, we have a big mountain of work on the F16/F17 track, but
it is also the opportunity to make XO-1.75 shine. At the hardware
level, XO-1.75 is the machine we wanted to build from day one -- the
power draw and performance are ideal for our goals.

Now we /just/ have to show we can write software to drive it right! :-)

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