EC corruption by q2f04rc firmware

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Sun Oct 23 19:38:50 EDT 2011

It may be that my setup is different from yours.  I installed os882 on 
an XO-1 and booted;  then installed q2f04rc.rom and booted.  So far, the 
various logs from powerd are all reporting 'Full' (the XO-1 is plugged 
in to A/C).  I will wait and see if the battery charge goes down with time.

By the way, on a different XO-1 which first had q2e48.rom installed, 
then had os882 installed -- (without a prior EC reset having been done 
by pulling the battery) -- at the ok prompt the green native keyboard 
was unresponsive (nothing typed in showed up; nor was it recognized).  I 
had to reboot with an external USB keyboard plugged in -- then I could 
enter text at the ok prompt from the external keyboard.  [This XO_1 
never had q2f04rc applied.]


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