[Gnash-dev] rpms for OLPC XO 1.75

Rob Savoye rob at welcomehome.org
Thu Oct 20 11:10:58 EDT 2011

On 10/20/11 03:59, Martin Langhoff wrote:

> That's really good news! Rob, we can ship you a few more B1 units, if
> that helps make bricking less of an issue :-)

  It was mostly a matter of finding the right combination of firmware,
OS, etc... I think some of the web pages are out of date... but now I've
got it working with the latest and greatest, other than the browser
doesn't seem to work at all.

> We are looking into a (partial?) rebuild of the rpmfusion repo to see
> how it works with ffmpeg in. Might take some time...

  I don't get working sound with gstreamer, as flash uses MP3
unfortunately. If I build ffmpeg manually from source, it works fine.
A partial rpmfusion for ARM would be great for those that don't want to
build the plugin by hand.

	- rob -

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