New q2f series XO-1 firmware needs testing

Richard A. Smith richard at
Thu Oct 20 06:02:28 EDT 2011

Over the past 2 years XO-1 EC firmware has been held at pq2e34 which was 
released in March of 2009.

During that time the EC XO-1 code evolved into the trees for XO-1.5 and 
then into EC-1.75.  Many, many, many fixes and improvements to the 
codebase have happened since pq2e34.

The new RTC anti-roll back feature in OFW required a EC-1.5 feature that 
was not present in XO-1 EC code.  Gaining that feature meat moving to 
the so called "f" series of EC code.

The "f" series of EC code was the next generation of EC code for 1.0 but 
it never saw a widespread release for XO-1.  Instead it turned into the 
EC code for XO-1.5.  Over the past 2 years Paul and I have kept the XO-1 
"f" series updated with backports from XO-1.5.  All of the XO-1 machines 
in my testbed ran "f" series and Paul runs it on one of his XO-1 machines.

As such, "f" has never really seen any in-the-wild testing although the 
same code and features are all working fine on 1.5.  Most of the 
backported code is identical except for the differences in the IO pin 
out between the XO-1 and the XO-1.5.

So although the difference between the previous release of XO-1 EC 
firmware and this version is _huge_ I'm only expecting minor bugs.

"f" has now become the new EC 1 code base and has a version number 
similar to what is used on 1.5 and 1.75.  This release is EC-1 1.2.0

For you testing pleasure I've built a new XO-1 firmware with the new EC 
code and the latest OFW.  I'd like to get some public testing before it 
gets put in an official release.


Richard A. Smith  <richard at>
One Laptop per Child

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