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Subject: [Gnash-dev] rpms for OLPC XO 1.75
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After much screwing around, almost bricking my XO 1.75 beta unit several
times, I managed to get build Gnash rpms for anyone that wants a recent
version. These are snapshots built from master like the rest of our
repository. Note that these will only work on the ARM based units, I'll
see about building rpms for the Via based units later.

Just as a note, as ffmpeg-gstreamer is not available for the XO, so
youtube and many other sites don't play video. There isn't an
rpmfusion.org for the armv7l architecture yet, so if you want video to
work beyond OGG, you'll have to build the plugin manually from source.

To install these rpms, add this .repo file to your XO:

name=Gnash Snapshot for Fedora $releasever

       - rob -

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