[Sugar-devel] "Howtos" within Sugar Activities

Bastien bzg at altern.org
Tue Oct 11 11:42:24 EDT 2011

I would state Sugar's agenda like this: 

1. expose kids to powerful ideas
2. provide meaningful activities for these ideas
3. give access to reusable code for these activities

Learning is everywhere in this: learning about ideas, 
learning about activities, learning about code.

Documentation stands between (1) and (2) for pedagogical 
howtos and between (2) and (3) for technical howtos.

I'm talking about pedagogical howtos (not "lessons", just
content that helps unfold the power behind learning ideas.)

Stealing from Eisenhower method, I would say that providing
reusable code is important and providing documentation
for powerful ideas is urgent -- teachers keep asking it.

How much of XO storage is dedicated to providing source code?

How much of XO storage is dedicated to providing pedagogical

Most kids are offline.  The purpose of the Help activity is 
exactly this: provide offline help for general issues about 
Sugar and the XO.

Online-based lessons will not fix the issue of providing 
offline hints on how to use an activity, unless there is a 
plan to include this online content in the activity...

Abacus is a good example: having a simple howto in a how/
directory would be nice.  

Even for us, lucky connected chaps, most applications come
with offline documentation...

I'm done with my last 2cts :)


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